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Truck Meter

Truck Meter

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  1. Badger Concrete MEASURE RITE Truck Meters

    Badger Concrete MEASURE RITE Truck Meters

    MEASURE RITE ® TRUCK METERS FOUR DIFFERENT MODELS: MR1 (Standard), MR1-R (Remote Display), MR1-P (Pulse Output), MR1-B (Battery Operated)

    The MEASURE RITE Meter is designed for use in the demanding Ready-mix industry and with four different models that will address the quality control gaps that still remain in your process. The MR1, MR1-R and MR1-P truck mounted units allow accurate tracking of all add-water by the driver. The MR1-B permits accurate tracking of all Temper and Slump-Rack water usage without the need for an external power supply.

1 Item(s)