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  1. Laurence 1700, 1800 & 2800 Series

    Laurence 1700, 1800 & 2800 Series

    The 2800 series is a basic offering of the FM approved FIRE-CIDE® valves. In addition to all the features of the 2800 series, the 1700/1800 series is an expanded offering of our heat actuated fusible link shutoff valves including sizes from1/4" to 8" will full port construction. The 1700/1800 series also offers additional options such as linkage covers, position indication switches, and buttweld or socketweld end connections. Materials for this series include Bronze, Naval Bronze,Alloy 20, Monel, and Hastelloy. For additional information and a catalog bulletin, please contact the factory.

    Laurence 2500 Series - Electrically Actuated Shutoff Valve

    Series 2500 valves are 2-way, globe-type, piston valves.They are operated by an external lever connecting the lifting action of the linear actuator to the valve piston/plug through a rotary shaft. The Rotary Shaft principle creates a mechanical advantage enabling more force in operating the valve. It also allows stronger return spring action to ensure reliable,fail-safe return.
  3. Laurence Series 700 HP

    Laurence Series 700 HP

    Series 700HP are semi-Direct Operated valves for liquid services only at higher pressures than SERIES 700.

    The main piston opens fully when the external lever is raised because of a solid connection between them. Valve action is quick and positive and requires no minimun pressure of flow to open and close fully, however is pressure assisted at higher pressures.

  4. Laurence Series CY 500

    Laurence Series CY 500

    Series CY 500 Direct Operated. Normally Closed-Opened by cylinder. Horizontal or Vertical pipe mounting
  5. SERIES 700 On / Off Valves

    SERIES 700 On / Off Valves

    Series 700 are pure Direct Operated valves; (referring to the internal construction) wherein the full-area valve disc is lifted off the seat against the full, static line pressure by raising the internal lever; i.e without the aid of an internal pilot and without a minimum pressure or flow requirement. The valve will open, remain open, and/or will close fully and remain closed down to 0 PSI differential. Closing speed is essentially instantaneous and independent of fluid viscosity, line pressure, or pressure drop across the valve.

  6. SERIES 800

    SERIES 800

    SERIES 800 are semi-Direct Operated valves suitable for air, steam, fuel gases, as well as light liquids at higher pressures than Series 700HP.

  7. Series CY 600

    Series CY 600

    Series Semi-Direct Operated. Normally Closed-Opened by cylinder. Horizontal or Vertical pipe mounting

7 Item(s)