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Actuators & Positioners

Actuators & Positioners

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  1. Diaphragm Actuators

    Leslie Controls Diaphragm Actuators

    Leslie spring and diaphragm actuators are rugged high thrust units with flanged yoke to bonnet connections for simple maintenance and better access to stem packing. These workhorses of our control valve lines have been proven and perfected for nearly forty years of in-service usage. They are available in four sizes: 35, 55, 85, and 135 in.
  2. Magnum Piston Actuators/DPS Electro-Pneumatic Positioner

    Leslie Controls Magnum Piston Actuators/DPS Electro-Pneumatic Positioner

    Magnum Series piston actuators use low volume and long stroke to maximize bleed and feed rates. Externally mounted spring return modules minimize residual volume and maximize speed of response. This low volume translates into high speed of response.

    Leslie's DPS positioner, derived from Leslie's patented PMC electro-pneumatic controller technology, provides ultra-fast, stable response using a pulse modulated output and a non-mechanical, optical/digital stem position feedback.
  3. Positioners

    Leslie Controls Positioners

    The Moore 760 Series pneumatic and electro-pneumatic positioners provide cam characterization, split ranging, direct or reverse action and single or double output.

    The PMV models P5 (pneumatic) and EP5 (electro-pneumatic) positioners offer a wide variety of options due to their modular construction. These high capacity, vibration resistant units are easily mounted on both rotary or rectilinear actuators, with a variety of cams to choose from.

3 Item(s)