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  1. Constantemp® Feedforward System

    Leslie Controls Constantemp Feedforward System

    Leslie Constantemp® heaters use a tightly-coiled circulating exchanger to transfer heat energy from the isolated steam flow to the desired liquid. These systems can take advantage of very low steam pressures and can deliver liquids at precisely defined temperatures. Available sizes include 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 105 and 120 GPM models with adjustable ranges from 105°F to 180°F.\
  2. Constantemp® Skidded Heater Systems

    Leslie Controls Constantemp Skidded Heater Systems

    The skidded Constantemp® water heating system solves this problem by placing the entire system complete with steam traps, strainers, gauges and interconnecting piping on a frame or skid. Connect the steam, water, and condensate piping, and the unit is ready to use. All the guess work and preparation time is eliminated, and Leslie assumes full system responsibility. There is never a question as to pipe size, distance to the steam reducing valve, or proper trap installation. All the work is done for you except the utility connections themselves.
  3. LES Series Packaged, Steam-fired Water Heater

    Leslie Controls LES Series Packaged, Steam-fired Water Heater

    The LES Series steam-fired water heater is a high quality system which provides an economical, high capacity output using steam or hot water as the heating medium. The LES Series water heater is designed to handle a broad range of capacities and is ideal for most domestic and process hot water applications. The LES Series water heater is designed with quality in mind.

3 Item(s)