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Linear Control Valves

Linear Control Valves

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  1. D Series Linear Control Valve

    D Series Linear Control Valve

    D-Series from Cicor is the next generation of the reliable and proven DBOY control Valve. The D-Series is an all-purpose cage-guided, balanced control valve. This new product offers simplicity of design in a valve platform that is well suited for the needs of power, process. amd general industry. A wider selection of valve sizes, materials, and noise/cavitation, trims allows application across a broader range of flow rates, pressures and temperatures.
  2. Aeroflow High Performance Control Valves

    Leslie Controls Aeroflow High Performance Control Valves

    The unique technology of the Aeroflow begins with aerodynamic vanes cast into the valve body inlet and outlet. Inlet vanes help divert incoming flow evenly around the cage, minimizing turbulence and flow instability as well as improving flow capacity. Outlet vanes minimize turbulence to reduce noise and body erosion. A wide range of interchangeable trim options and custom characterized cages provide the flexibility of many sought after benefits.
  3. Class DLO/DLOS

    Leslie Controls Class DLO/DLOS

    These versatile single-seated, unbalanced, cage-retained trim, diaphragm control valves put the premium on performance at a competitive price. Suitable for use in steam, water, gas and process applications, this valve series has found acceptance in industries ranging from food and beverage processing to power generation.
  4. Class GTB Double Seated

    Leslie Controls Class GTB Double Seated

    In dirty, sticky, and erosive applications, where cage guided valves fail, plug characterization, stem guiding, and balancing effect give the double-seated GTB design the best combination of features necessary to succeed. Since inlet pressure exerts force on the upper and lower plugs, the forces are balanced. This balancing effect reduces the net thrust required to move the plug, allowing for smaller actuators to be used in higher pressure drop applications and resulting in lower overall installation cost and dimensional envelope.
  5. DBOY-3, DBOYS-3 and DBOS-3

    Leslie Controls DBOY-3, DBOYS-3 and DBOS-3

    These Leslie control valves are rugged, reliable units specially designed for use in steam, water, gas, vapor and non-corrosive liquid service. The balanced cage-throttling design permits these valves to be operated with small, compact and economical actuators against fluid pressure drops up to 1480 psig and 800°F.,(subject to body pressure/temperature ratings and actuator limits).
  6. Type VLG Lil’ Gator

    Leslie Controls Type VLG Lil Gator

    The Leslie VLG Lil' Gator general service control valve features a compact, efficient design. VLG control valves provide greater flow capacity and performance than most comparable models, yet are economically priced. Special features range from a streamlined body that minimizes turbulence and pressure drop to erosion resistant stainless steel trim. You can select from multiple port sizes and flow characteristics to meet your application requirements.

6 Item(s)