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  1. Electronic pressure gauge station

    Electronic pressure gauge station

    Electronic pressure gauge station for use in refrigeration and heating assemblies for measuring pressure in system operating with gases and liquids
  2. Level transducers

    Level transducers

    Analogue level transducer for vessels, especially for condensate-, steam- and hot water boilers and refrigerants up to PN 100. Series NI 1341 / 1342
  3. Pulse power supply unit AC/DC (24W)
  4. Resistance Thermometer

    Resistance Thermometer

    A temperature change sensed at the tip of the resistance thermometer changes the electrical resistance of the unit. This change in resistance is measured either by comparison with a standard resistor in a bridge circuit (Temperature controller RE 3152), or by passing a controlled current through the thermometer and then measuring the voltage drop caused by any temperature change (Transmitter 4211 and Indicator 4061)

4 Item(s)