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Accessories & Other Meters

Accessories & Other Meters

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  1. Series 220, Sonic Nozzles

    Cox Instruments Series 220, Sonic Nozzles

    The COX Series 220, Sonic Nozzles are mass flow instruments designed for the accurate measurement and control of gas flow. The Series 220 Sonic Nozzles can handle flow from 0.04 to 10,000 standard cubic feet per minute. The internal design of the nozzle consists of a circular arc, which leads to the minimum throat area. Tangent to the circular arc on the exhaust side is a conical diffuser section. Common applications of the sonic nozzle include use as a calibration standard, gas flow meter, flow controller and flow limiting device.
  2. Series 44 FS, Flow Straighteners

    Cox Instruments Series 44 FS, Flow Straighteners

    COX Series 44 FS, Flow Straighteners are recommended for use with turbine flowmeters to prevent false readings resulting from fluid swirl. Installed upstream of a turbine meter, they reduce liquid rotation by means of a six-vane swirl eliminator and a straight run of tubing. (The swirl eliminator is not used on sizes below 1/2".)
  3. Series 5602 HYD, Hydrometer

    Cox Instruments Series 5602 HYD, Hydrometer

    The COX Hydrometer Well is a high-accuracy instrument for determining the specific gravity of liquids by means of the flotation of a precision hydrometer bulb in a glass enclosure.

3 Item(s)