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GEA Plate Heat Exchangers

GEA Plate Heat Exchangers

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  1. BPHE Accessories

    BPHE Accessories

    When you buy one of our brazed plate heat exchangers, you buy the best. But why stop there? Get the MOST out of the BEST with the following accessories: Insulation Kits, Mounting Brackets, Y-Strainers, Zinc Anodes, Companion Flanges.

  2. Concitherm


    The Concitherm range offers particularly high performance in rising-film plate evaporators. Its optimized corrugation design allows wide gaps without any contact points, up to 3m² of plate surface area. At the same time the minimum pressure drop means that there is no need for an intermediate pump. A further advantage of Concitherm over conventional tube heat exchangers is an almost 100% higher temperature transfer. Concitherm plate evaporators can also be used as boosters in combination with conventional plate evaporators.
  3. EcoFlex Free Flow

    EcoFlex Free Flow

    EcoFlex Free Flow gasketed plate heat exchangers provide high efficiency heat transfer for liquids with high pulp or fiber content, such as fruit juice or paper pulp, and for high viscosity media. Well suited for applications in:

    • -Food
    • -Sugar
    • -Paper
    • -Wastewater Treatment
    • -Renewable Energy

  4. FlatPlate Hydronic (FP, MPN, FG, DW)

    FlatPlate Hydronic (FP, MPN, FG, DW)

    For the best hydronic heat exchangers on the planet, reach for FlatPlate® brazed plate heat exchangers. Their compact size, higher performance and lower cost make the decision easy for these applications:

    • -Radiant Floor Heating
    • -Domestic Water Heating
    • -Snow Melting Systems
    • -Swimming Pools and Spas
    • -Potable Water Isolation

  5. FlatPlate Refrigeration (CH, C, SC

    FlatPlate Refrigeration (CH, C, SC)

    For the best refrigeration heat exchangers on the planet, reach for FlatPlate® brazed plate heat exchangers. Their compact size, higher performance and lower cost make the decision easy for these applications:

    • -Water Chillers
    • -Process Chillers
    • -Glycol Chillers
    • -Economizers/Subcoolers
    • -Supermarket Systems
    • -Ice Making Machines
    • -Environmental Chambers
    • -Compressed Air & Gas Driers
    • -Hydraulic Oil Cooling
    • -Hydrocarbon Processing
    • -Beverage, Beer & Wine Cooling

  6. GBM Series

    GBM Series

    If you attach great importance to flexible sizing and sophisticated technology, then the GBM plate heat exchangers from the EcoBraze product line by GEA PHE Systems are your choice. These brazed allrounders are ideally suited for applications of any size - pressure resistant up to 450 psig at 350°F (31 bar at 176°C). This brings quality, economic efficiency and excellent thermal performance to your operations.
  7. GBX Series

    GBX Series

    GEA PHE Systems GBX Series is new to our product range of copper brazed plate heat exchangers and is designed to operate consistently in the pressure range of up to 650 psi while offering a maximum variety of circuit possibilities. Operating with the effective non-ozone depleting refrigerant R410A the new GBX range offers an optimized corrugation pattern in the wave fi elds of the heat exchanger plates as well as further improvements to the inlet and outlet openings.
  8. GEA Bloc

    GEA Bloc

    GEABloc's fully-welded construction makes it well suited for applications that require the high efficiency and compact size of plate heat exchangers, but where conditions exceed the capabilities of gasketed plate heat exchangers.
  9. GEA Box

    GEA Box

    Product image GEABox

    Go with the flow

    The GEABox is technologically advanced in design and philosophy and is a compact and efficient solution for your heat transfer requirements. The wide-gap design is true free flow, with no contact points and is accessible for easy cleaning by hydro-blasting or water-lancing. The GEABox offers many advantages over traditional shell and tube and other fully welded heat exchangers and includes:

    • High heat transfer efficiency compared to shell and tube heat exchangers
    • Small footprint, and does not require the space usually needed for pulling tube bundle in shell and tube heat exchangers, means little floor space requirements
    • Real free flow channels thus no clogging
    • Suitable for fluids that are dirty or fouling or contain fibers, pulps, solids etc.
    • Can be easily cleaned and maintained without pipeline dismantling
    • Low maintenance costs
    • Competitive and lower capital costs

    The GEABox, using Free-Flow technology, offers a wide range of customized heat transfer solutions with the advantages of plate plate heat exchangers and shell and tube heat exchangers – all combined into one unit. Our many years of engineering know how and expertise in optimizing heat transfer means we can understand and comply with the needs of our customers’ process requirements.

    Heat transfer applications include

    • Liquid-to-Liquid or Steam-to-Liquid, where the process liquid is exceptionally dirty, with high fouling characterisitics, and contains fibers, pulps, slurries, and solids etc.
    • Liquid-to-Gas or Steam-to-Gas, especially dirty or high fouling where finned or other extended surface exchangers cannot be used
    • Reboilers – both thermosyphon and forced circulation
    • Liquid-to-Condensing Gas, partial or total condensers with inerts, single or multi-component, including various quality cooling media in one unit

    To find out more about how GEABox can provide the right solution for you, contact us.

  10. GEA Flex

    GEA Flex

    GEAFlex plate heat exchangers are the perfect solution for gaseous, liquid and two-phase media in the chemical and petrochemical industry. Both the temperature range of -200° to 900° C and the pressure capacity of up to 60 bars make these units the logical choice for problem-free operation. The asymmetrical plate design, the innovative tubework and the innovative profiling guarantee heat transfer with maximum efficiency and low pressure loss.

    Freely selectable, pressure-bearing housings and connection lines allow tailor-made plate heat exchanger solutions up to an area of 8,000 m².

    GEAFlex delivers low investment costs because the compact design only needs a relatively small amount of material expenditure, and this advantage pays off most noticably with cost-intensive special alloys.

Items 1 to 10 of 18 total

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