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LJ Wing

LJ Wing

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  1. Direct Gas Fired Heaters

    Direct Gas Fired Heaters

    L.J. Wing type WDF direct-gas fired heaters provide a cost effective, reliable make-up air heating solution for commercial, institutional and industrial applications.
  2. Door Heaters

    Door Heaters

    L.J. Wing Door Heaters are specifically designed to blanket a doorway with high velocity warm air and temper the cold air that would normally enter. Units are also available with Vari-jet discharges that automatically adjust to meet door heating or space heating requirements.
  3. Fresh Air Supply Units

    Fresh Air Supply Units

    Fresh Air Supply (FAS) units provide a versatile heating system for installation in wall openings or with roof mounted intake hoods. They provide controlled, tempered make-up air using integral face and bypass dampers with either steam or hot water. They also provide freeze protection with full steam pressure on the coils at all times. In the summer they create a remarkablely comfortable environment with circulated air from the revolving discharges.
  4. High Level Circulators

    High Level Circulators

    L.J. Wing High Level Circulators (HLC) draw in, and then redistribute to the floor, heat that normally would be wasted through the roof and upper walls. HLC units maintain an extremely low floor to ceiling temperature differential.The revolving discharge provides uniform air distribution projecting the air downward around structures, machinery, stacked materials or any obstacles. Air at the working level is kept gently on the move so no hot or cold spots can develop.
  5. High Mounted Series Heaters

    High Mounted Series Heaters

    High Mounted Series heaters are specifically designed for aircraft hangars and very high ceiling installations. Units consist of a steam/hot water (type HMS) or gas heating (type HMG) section along with high performance revolving discharge section for projection and air distribution. Units can be used for mounting heights of up to 120 feet. while maintaining near zero temperature stratification. High Mounted Series units are equipped with a backward inclined fan section for high airflow capacity and quiet operation.
  6. IFB Coils

    IFB Coils

    L.J. Wing IFB horizontal tube integral face and bypass coils offer the most effective preheat system ever developed. The IFB coil controls air temperature while full steam pressure or water flow is maintained in the coil at all times. The preset discharge air temperature is held constant regardless of variations in the inlet air temperature. Ideally suited for make-up air, combustion air make-up, penthouse units, air conditioning preheat and heating and ventilating units. Performance can be calculated by using the L.J. Wing specifier program.
  7. Air Curtains

    L.J. Wing Air Curtains

    L.J. Wing type WAC Air Curtains offer an ideal solution for wind stopping, insect control, and environmental separation in commercial, institutional and industrial doorways.
  8. MV Coils

    MV Coils

    L.J. Wing's multi-stage face and bypass coils provide greater temperature control flexibility and offer more reliable VAV operation. Greater freeze protection and ease of installation than any other coil available is an added benefit of the new MV-series coils.

    The multiple headers, controlled by slow acting on/off valves, provide close control of steam or hot water volume in the coils, allowing better control in VAV (variable air volume) systems. With increased damper control the MV-series coils also minimize temperature stratification and freezestat trips in mild weather.
  9. SteadyAir


    Steadyair (SAS) is a complete air tempering package for institutional, commercial and industrial indoor and outdoor applications. This L.J. Wing heating and ventilating modular package provides you with new levels of operating reliability and system flexibility. It features all the advantages of the popular L.J. Wing IFB type Integral Face and By-Pass coil constant volume, positive freeze protection, accurate temperature control, elimination of stratification, and single source responsibility. Airflow deliveries from 1,000 to 40,000 CFM.
  10. Steam/Hot Water Unit Heaters

    Steam & Hot Water Unit Heaters

    L.J. Wing Steam/Hot Water Unit Heaters are mounted in the truss or ceiling areas. They deliver heated air to floor levels using either revolving discharge (type HCR) or fixed discharge (type HCF). Positrack gear-driven revolving discharge provides uniform air distribution projecting the air from mounting heights of up to 73 feet while maintaining near zero stratification. Since L.J. Wing Heaters offer greater capacities and heat larger areas, fewer units are required to satisfy any plant heating needs.

Items 1 to 10 of 11 total

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