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Oil Skimmers

Oil Skimmers

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  1. 1H Mini Oil Skimmer (sized)

    Oil Skimmers Model 1H Mini Oil Skimmer

    The skimmer uses a specially formulated plastic tubing that is joined together to form a continuous loop. The hollow tube will float on the surface of the liquid. As the tube moves across the liquid surface oils, greases and fats will adhere to the outside of the tube. The oil coated tube is pulled into the skimmer unit through a series of scrapers that strips the oil off the outside of the tube. The skimmed oil is then gravity drained to a collection vessel. The clean tube then returns back to the surface to gather more oil. Movement of the tube draws the oil from corners of the tank.
  2. 5H Compact Oil Skimmer

    Oil Skimmers Model 5H Compact Oil Skimming System

    The Oil Skimmers Model 5H is a compact oil skimmer specially designed for small or hard-to-get-at places or in congested plant areas where the unit can be located within 3 feet of the water level. Like our Model 6V Brill™, it is fully automatic, works 24/7, and can be installed on open or closed tanks.

    Also similar to our Model 6V Brill™, the Model 5H waste oil recovery system removes oily waste using an oil collector tube.  Oil adheres to the outside of the floating closed-loop tube and is slowly drawn across the surface of the water and into the oil skimmer.  The collector tube snakes over and around floating debris, adjusting automatically to changing water levels. The tube is drawn up into the skimmer and through scrapers that remove the oil. Then the tube returns to the water surface to collect more oil, while the recovered oil flows to a collection container.
  3. Model 6V Brill (sized)

    Oil Skimmers Model 6V Brill Oil Recovery System

    When it comes to oil skimming solutions, the Oil Skimmers Model 6V Brill™ oil skimming system is the dependable, cost-effective and uncomplicated solution for removing oily waste from water during the manufacturing and waste treatment process.

    The Oil Skimmers Model 6V waste oil recovery system removes animal, vegetable and petroleum-based oils, fats, greases, and oily wastes that float on the surface of water or other liquids. The unit removes as much as 100 gallons of waste oil per hour and discharges it into a drum so efficiently that the recovered waste oil is virtually water-free.
  4. Decanting System

    Oil Skimmers Oil Decanting System

    To maximize waste oil recovery, a decanter is often included as part of the total package. The decanter is designed to permit minute droplets of water removed by the skimming system to be returned to the area being skimmed.

4 Item(s)