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PreFabricated Chimneys

PreFabricated Chimneys

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  1. Schebler  eVent

    Schebler eVent

    The eVent™ Series is a UL 1738-listed (ULC 636-95), AL 29-4C stainless steel venting system for gas-fired appliances listed as Category II, III, and IV. They will withstand a maximum flue gas temperature of 550˚F. These products are available in even and odd diameters from 5" to 48". A complete line of straight sections, variable lengths, tees, elbows, rain caps, roof penetration components and support members are offered. In addition to the standard components, virtually any conceivable fitting is available as a special order item.
  2. Schebler Model P1

    Schebler Model P1

    Model P1 (double wall) reduces installation costs, as with all other models, and increases efficiency with the fewest connections in the industry.
  3. Schebler Model P2

    Schebler Model P2

    Model P2 double wall chimney increases usable square footage in commercial and industrial buildings by featuring the lowest clearance to combustibles of any appliance ventilation – starting at 1/2”. It reduces building cooling loads, mechanical room temperatures and potential for injury with 2” of insulation.
  4. Schebler Model P2A

    Schebler Model P2A

    Model P2A, an exclusive Schebler double wall model, provides 2” of insulation plus a 1” air gap. This combination performs with similar insulation to 4” insulated products – with lower initial cost and reduced footprint.
  5. Schebler Model P4

    Schebler Model P4

    Model P4 double wall chimney system reduces heat loss in low temperature environments with a thick 4” of insulation - the clear choice for generator exhaust applications. Along with all other Schebler models, it is available for shipping within 2 weeks, considerably faster than the industry standard. Product gets to the job site quicker and eliminates costly work stoppages.
  6. Schebler Model PA

    Schebler Model PA

    Model PA is the highest quality general-purpose stainless steel vent in the industry, with 1” air space between the liner and shell. It also provides the lowest cost of entry for a UL 103-listed product.
  7. Schebler Model SW (Single Wall)

    Schebler Model SW (Single Wall)

    Model SW single wall stainless steel exhaust is a cost-effective method for relining masonry stacks. It is manufactured with the same attention to detail as our double wall chimneys. The UL 103-listed product is used for venting appliances that require a positive, neutral or negative draft exhaust system.

7 Item(s)