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  1. THS Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers

    THS Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers

    Aluminum Bar & Plate Cores:

    • 250 PSI Max. Working Pressure
    • 250 oF Max. Working Temperature


    Copper Tube Aluminum Fin Coil:

    • Operating Temperature: 400 oF
    • Operating Pressure: 300 PSI
    • Test Pressure: 450 PSI





  2. THS Shell and Coiled Tube Heat Exchangers

    THS Shell and Coiled Tube Heat Exchangers

    The shell and coil tube series are manufactured as a singe unit with no removable parts. The coiled tube bundles are welded to a compact tube sheet located within the entry and exit connections. The cylindrical shell is terminated by hemi-spherical heads. Design variations include smooth or grooved tubes, angled or 90 connections in flanged or NPT termination, and 316L stainless or titanium components.
  3. THS U-Tube Heat Exchangers

    THS U-Tube Heat Exchangers

    Shell and tube heat exchangers are becoming the most popular device for the transfer of heat in industrial process applications. Our PS and PW-type U-tube heat exchangers transfer large amounts of heat at a relatively lost cost, provide lots effective tube surface while minimizing the requirements of floor space, liquid volume and weight and are available in a variety of diameters and lengths. The PS and PW-type U-tube heat exchangers are designed for a wide range of liquid to liquid (PW) and steam to liquid (PS) applications.
  4. THS Water Cooled Heat Exchangers

    THS Water Cooled Heat Exchangers

    We offer up to 11 basic Shell & Tube configurations for various custom designs. We can supply interchangeable units as direct replacement to major brands such as:

    • -Thermal Transfer
    • -Ketema
    • -Perfex
    • -Young Radiator
    • -Basco
    • -API
    • -Bell & Gossett

4 Item(s)