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Wyatt Engineering

Wyatt Engineering

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  1. Flow Nozzles

    Flow Nozzles

    Flow nozzles are often used in flow measurement due to their reliable performance and tolerance to extremes in process and environmental conditions. They offer advantages over orifice plates in that they require less upstream piping and incur lower permanent pressure loss. Accuracy can be sustained indefinitely since there are no sharp edges to wear.
  2. Lo-Loss Flow Tubes

    Lo-Loss Flow Tubes

    The cast iron Wyatt Lo-Loss® meter is a differential-producing flow tube that maintains its accuracy over a wide range of flow rates. The hydraulic shape of the PMT Lo-Loss® meter incurs a lower permanent pressure loss than any other differential producing flow device. The PMT can be provided with either 125 or 250 PSIG flanges.
  3. Orifice Plates

    Orifice Plates

    Differential producers, specifically orifice plates, are used in flow measurement due to their simplicity, ease of installation, tolerance to extreme atmospheric and process conditions, and predictable and reliable performance. Orifice plates are the most common method of differential pressure flow measurement and are used in various industries, particularly in the hydrocarbon market.
  4. Venturi Tubes

    Venturi Tubes

    The Wyatt VenturiTube is a differential-producing primary flow element that accurately and repeatably measures the flows of liquids or gases in closed, full-pipe conditions. The cast iron Wyatt BVT incorporates an efficient hydraulic shape with static pressure taps in the throat and inlet sections. The BVT can be provided with either 125 or 250 PSI flanges.

4 Item(s)