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D Series Linear Control Valve

D-Series from Cicor is the next generation of the reliable and proven DBOY control Valve. The D-Series is an all-purpose cage-guided, balanced control valve. This new product offers simplicity of design in a valve platform that is well suited for the needs of power, process. amd general industry. A wider selection of valve sizes, materials, and noise/cavitation, trims allows application across a broader range of flow rates, pressures and temperatures.

Product Features:
  • -High Flow Capacities promote reduced body velocity and reduce pressure loss
  • -Balanced Plug Design provides smooth high pressure control
  • -Multiple Cage Options for maximum versatility
  • -Cup Seal with 3x the wear surface of competitive valves for long-lasting leak tight seal
  • -Hardened/Stainless Steel Trim provides twice the service life of 316 stainless trim
  • -Tighter Shutoff design provides exceptional performance up to Class V
  • -Temperature Rating up to 1,000°F (538°C)
  • -Ultra Compact Actuators install in tight spaces
  • -Yoke Lock Nut guarantees easy disassembly