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Preso ThermoTrack® Energy Flow Management System

The ThermoTrack Ultrasonic Transit Time Flow Management System is a non-invasive HVAC energy flow monitoring solution for commercial and industrial buildings. ThermoTrack is built on a non-invasive platform, as a result all system components clamp to the outside of existing pipe, making it ideal for retrofit applications. Simply strap the flow and temperature transducers to the outside of the pipe wall and the system is ready to measure.

In addition, several units can be daisy-chained and wired into a single personal computer for a convenient central monitoring and billing system. ThermoTrack’s design is inexpensive to install; requiring no rebuilding, no system drainage, and no system downtime all resulting in measurable cost savings.

Product Features:
  • -Suitable for liquids
  • -Digital output to a PC for energy monitoring/billing of discrete units within a building
  • -PC communications (com) port supports a 3-wire network that can contain up to 126 discrete ThermoTrack energy units on a single network
  • -All meter components clamp to the outside of the pipe—no downtime for installation or maintenance