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Boiler Accessories

Boiler Accessories

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  1. ADM Automatic Damper

    ADM Automatic Damper

    The EXHAUSTO ADM Automatic Damper is a single blade, two position damper powered by an actuator, with male/male connections. The ADM is available in standard stack diameters ranging from 6 to 24 inches. The actuator will be interlocked with a boiler or gas fireplace to open the damper when the appliance is in use, and close it when power is disconnected. It is used on conjunction with CASV, CASI and MFES systems.
  2. Blowdown Separators

    Blowdown Separators

    The modern and efficient way of handling boiler intermittent blowdown. Separators have also been used for hydronic safety relief valve discharges, deaerator overflows, autoclave draining, and other high flow pressurized condensate to drain applications. The smaller diameter takes up less space then a traditional blowoff tank while providing an efficient separation of flash steam and condensate.
  3. e-Tech Box Economizer

    e-Tech Box Economizer

    Our box economizers lower flue gas temperatures by preheating feedwater entering the boiler. The rise in water temperature allows the boiler to produce steam using less fuel, thereby significantly lowering fuel consumption and costs. In general, E-Techers realize a 1% increase in boiler efficiency for each 40°F decrease in flue gas temperature.
  4. e-Tech Circular Economizer

    e-Tech Circular Economizer

    Space-saving design for smaller boilers (100-1200 hp) and confined spaces.
  5. e-Tech Condensing Economizers

    e-Tech Condensing Economizers

    Low-grade heat transfer without damaging corrosion. While traditional boiler economizers recover sensible heat from a flue gas stream, condensing units go a step further. Each 1,000,000 Btu of methane contains more than 91,000 Btu of water vapor, latent heat that represents 9% of the beginning fuel content. Cooling exhaust gas below its dew point with an E-Tech condensing heat exchanger can recover the bulk of this otherwise wasted energy. Depending upon conditions, it is possible to reach combined combustion efficiencies greater than 96%.
  6. e-Tech HRSG Economizer

    e-Tech HRSG Economizer

    Steam turbine-driving units custom-engineered for your needs. E-Tech combines its long-life economizers with equally dependable evaporator, feedwater heater, and superheater components in custom heat recovery steam generators. Our engineers will custom-design your HRSG unit, taking into consideration the specific operating requirements of your plant and steam turbine-driving needs in a single, fully assembled package. We can also apply supplemental components as needed for your particular application.
  7. e-Tech In-stack Economizer

    e-Tech In-stack Economizer

    The ideal application when space is scarce.
  8. e-Tech Modular Economizer

    e-Tech Modular Economizer

    A compact solution for big cost-savings. Our modular economizers apply our precise engineering and demanding quality controls to yield outstanding efficiency in a single unit with low-, intermediate- and high-pressure sections. This feature allows for easier installation due to the compact size.
  9. e-Tech ThermoCharger System

    e-Tech ThermoCharger System

    The ThermoCharger System represents E-Tech’s newest weapon in the battle against high fuel costs. The design includes a series of conventional heat exchangers arranged to maximize boiler efficiency and reduce fuel costs by 10% or more.
  10. Entrainment Separators

    Entrainment Separators

    Inline Entrainment Separators Inline Centrifugal Entrainment Separators for Steam, air, and Other Gases Penn Inline Separators create a centrifugal spinning action that separates out liquid entrainment droplets in steam, air, or other gases. Each are Inline type designed to fit in existing piping.

Items 1 to 10 of 14 total

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