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Automotive Fluid Products

Automotive Fluid Products

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  1. Badger Concrete MEASURE RITE Truck Meters

    Badger Concrete MEASURE RITE Truck Meters

    MEASURE RITE ® TRUCK METERS FOUR DIFFERENT MODELS: MR1 (Standard), MR1-R (Remote Display), MR1-P (Pulse Output), MR1-B (Battery Operated)

    The MEASURE RITE Meter is designed for use in the demanding Ready-mix industry and with four different models that will address the quality control gaps that still remain in your process. The MR1, MR1-R and MR1-P truck mounted units allow accurate tracking of all add-water by the driver. The MR1-B permits accurate tracking of all Temper and Slump-Rack water usage without the need for an external power supply.
  2. Badger Meter Electronic PreSet Series

    Badger Meter Electronic PreSet Series

    The Badger® Electronic Preset Meter offers superior, rugged, shock resistance design for demanding environments. It is available in numerous configurations for handheld dispensing of various fluids. The electronic register has different options to meet your operational requirements.
  3. Pistol Grip Series

    Badger Meter Pistol Grip Series

    This family consists of a mechanical pistol grip with mechanical dial; a mechanical preset batch pistol grip with mechanical dial and a mechanical pistol grip with an electronic field programmable electronic register. These "end of hose" meters are extremely durable for indoor and outdoor applications.
  4. Universal Series Piston Oil & AntiFreeze Meters

    Badger Meter Universal Series Piston Oil & AntiFreeze Meters

    The Badger® Universal model utilizes an oscillating piston for measurement of SAE 5 through 50 motor oils, SAE 80 through 240 gear oils, and antifreeze fluid (ethylene glycol). Used primarily as a inventory control device in lubricant dispensing systems, they are accurate, rugged, and light weight. This is truly a universal meter, adaptable to a variety of applications. It is available with or without a totalizing register. When equipped with a switch, it can be used as a pulsing device for a remote totalizer or command module. The outlet port can be rotated in 90 degree increments to meet your requirements.

4 Item(s)