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Variable Area

Variable Area

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  1. Hedland Basic In-line Flow Meters

    Hedland Basic In-line Flow Meters

    Hedland offers a complete line of over 15,000 variable area flow meters to measure oil, phosphate esters, water and water-based fluids, as well as air and other compressed gases. In addition to the basic in-line model, these variable area flow meters are available in high temperature models and test kits with pressure gauge. Rugged, durable construction featuring aluminum, brass and stainless steel bodies.
  2. Hedland EZ-View® In-line Flow Meters

    Hedland EZ-View® In-line Flow Meters

    The EZ-View product line is a reliable, trouble-free flow rate indicator for low pressure applications. Constructed of high-impact polysulfone plastic, these meters provide a low cost, rugged flow measurement solution for both liquid and air/gas applications. End fittings in brass, 303 stainless steel or PVC.
  3. Hedland Flow-Alert™ Flow Switches

    Hedland Flow-Alert™ Flow Switches

    The Flow-Alert flow switches provide both visual flow indication and the capability to signal alarms, open or close circuits, trigger warning lights and buzzers, and shut down pumps or other equipment. Micro switch (latching) or reed switch (proximity) models available Choice of one or two switches per meter.
  4. Hedland MR Flow Transmitters

    Hedland MR Flow Transmitters

    The MR Flow Transmitter combines state-of-the-art digital signal processing technology with the rugged proven technology of a piston-type variable area flow meter. The solid state design electronically senses movement of the magnetic piston assembly and provides accurate, repeatable flow measurement. The device has NO mechanical linkages, which results in longer operating life.

4 Item(s)