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Blowdown Heat Recovery

Blowdown Heat Recovery

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  1. Penn Separator Crossover System

    Penn Separator Crossover System

    Same individual flash separator and heat exchanger as our shell and tube system with a highly efficient plate and frame heat exchanger. System requires less space for installation, operation, and maintenance. Complete package skid mounted on a channel frame. Total heat recovery from continuous blowdown is over 95% for the crossover system.

  2. Penn Separator Flash-Economizer System

    Penn Separator Flash-Economizer System

    Complete packaged heat recovery system in a smaller single vertical tank design. Ten different Pre-Engineered systems for small to medium sized boilers with continuous blowdown of 1 to 30 gpm and make-up capacities of 9 to 150 gpm in a self-contained unit. This system can provide up to 90% heat recovery from the continuous blowdown.

2 Item(s)