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Direct Gas-Fired Air Heaters

Direct Gas-Fired Air Heaters

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  1. Direct Gas Fired Heaters

    Direct Gas Fired Heaters

    L.J. Wing type WDF direct-gas fired heaters provide a cost effective, reliable make-up air heating solution for commercial, institutional and industrial applications.
  2. e-Tech Process Heaters

    e-Tech Process Heaters

    Direct-fired heaters ranging from 0.5-50 mm Btu/h. E-Tech direct-fired heaters are designed to meet the thermal needs of your system while minimizing fuel usage. Our engineers specialize in the design of two types of high efficiency direct-fired heaters: vertical cylindrical heaters for smaller applications and horizontal cabin heaters for larger ones. We use top-of-the-line burners that can be fueled by natural gas or oil, and that minimize NOx and CO2 emission levels. Our long-life units can be engineered precisely to your size and space requirements.

2 Item(s)