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Shell & Coil Heat Exchangers

Shell & Coil Heat Exchangers

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  1. THS Shell and Coiled Tube Heat Exchangers

    THS Shell and Coiled Tube Heat Exchangers

    The shell and coil tube series are manufactured as a singe unit with no removable parts. The coiled tube bundles are welded to a compact tube sheet located within the entry and exit connections. The cylindrical shell is terminated by hemi-spherical heads. Design variations include smooth or grooved tubes, angled or 90 connections in flanged or NPT termination, and 316L stainless or titanium components.
  2. VIFB Coils

    VIFB Coils

    L. J. Wing VIFB vertical tube integral face and bypass coils preheat outside air for air make-up systems. Because the VIFB coil operates with full steam pressure or constant water flow at all times, it prevents breakdowns in the central system caused by freezeup. The temperature of the discharge air is controlled by proportioning the entering air through the multiple heating and by-pass channels. The air is proportioned by the unique clamshell-shaped dampers which maintain a constant pressure drop, thus allowing a constant volume of air to pass through the unit. Performance can be calculated by using the L.J. Wing specifier program.

2 Item(s)