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Rupture Disc Accessories

Rupture Disc Accessories

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  1. ENVIRO GUARD® Pipe End Covers

    ENVIRO GUARD® Pipe End Covers

    Provide protection of piping, rupture discs, and safety relief valves from unwanted foreign material, rain, insects and/or birds by specifying and installing an ENVIRO GUARD® pipe end cover. The ENVIRO GUARD® pipe end cover is fabricated from a tough PTFE coated/impregnated fiberglass material suitable for use in harsh environments and temperatures up to 500°F (260°C).
  2. Heat Shields

    Heat Shields

    Heat Shields are typically used to reduce the process temperature to which a rupture disc (bursting disc) is exposed. Heat Shields are used where Teflon® or other exotic material liners are required for corrosion resistance or as part of the rupture disc (bursting disc) itself in combination with high process temperature.
  3. HPX®-PT™


    HPX®-PT™ pre-torqued holders incorporate high strength steel socket head cap screws to ensure accurate loading and sealing of the HPX® rupture disc. The HPX®-PT™ holder allows the disc to be correctly fitted in the workshop using precise recommended torque levels, prior to installation of the complete assembly between the flanges in the process system relief stream.
  4. Sanitary Rupture Disc Fitting Assembly

    Sanitary Rupture Disc Fitting Assembly

    Continental Disc Corporation's Sanitary Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc) Assembly* is specifically suited for a wide range of process applications where product purity and corrosion resistance are required. The Sanitary Fitting Assembly is used in dairy, pharmaceutical, food processing, canning, cosmetic, chemical and many other industries.

    *available for Maintenance Replacement and Low Pressure/Vacuum Applications only
  5. The B.D.I.® (Burst Disc Indicator) Alarm System

    The B.D.I.® (Burst Disc Indicator) Alarm System

    The B.D.I.® (Burst Disc Indicator) Alarm System is designed for use with Continental Disc rupture discs. The B.D.I.® Alarm System signals the system operator when a rupture disc has burst to relieve an overpressure or vacuum condition.

5 Item(s)