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Rupture Discs

Rupture Discs

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  1. CAL-VAC® Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc)

    CAL-VAC® Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc)

    The patented CAL-VAC® Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc) is a double acting rupture disc (bursting disc) which will relieve an ultra low (inches of water column) vacuum pressure or a position pressure condition. The CAL-VAC® Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc) has a flat seat design to reduce susceptibility to product buildup and promote easier cleaning to meet FDA requirements.
  2. Clean-Sweep® Holder Assembly

    Clean-Sweep® Holder Assembly

    Continental Disc Corporation's Clean-Sweep® Holder Assembly provides overpressure relief protection for viscous media processes, particularly where product build-up in a piping system may cause excessive overpressure conditions.
  3. Composite Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc)

    Composite Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc)

    The Composite Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc) for a 7I holder has a 30° Seat configuration and consists of two or more metallic or non-metallic components. The components typically consist of a metallic top section and metallic or non-metallic seal, with an optional vacuum support, protective rings, gaskets or outlet liner.
  4. Continental Disc Corporation Customized Pressure Relief Products

    Continental Disc Corporation Customized Pressure Relief Products

    The same engineering, testing and manufacturing talent that has solved one-of-a-kind problems for worldwide industries is now available to deliver innovative solutions to your own specific pressure relief problems. We manufacture rupture discs (bursting discs) to meet the specific needs of any application, whether it be pressure, temperature, material, or configuration.
  5. ENVIRO-SEAL Rupture Disc

    ENVIRO-SEAL™ Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc)

    The ENVIRO-SEAL™ Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc) is designed to provide economical protection for low pressure atmospheric storage vessels and to isolate the downstream side of pressure relief valves and other equipment from corrosive environments.
  6. HPX® Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc)

    HPX® Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc)

    The HPX® Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc) is a scored reverse acting rupture disc (bursting disc). This differential pressure relief device features an instantaneous full-open relief area for protecting equipment, vessels, systems and people from an overpressure condition. These high precision reverse acting rupture discs (bursting discs) offer proven performance in excess of 250,000 cycles at 95% operating ratio1.
  7. ICON™ Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc)

    ICON™ Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc)

    The Continental ICON™ Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc) is a cross scored, solid metal rupture disc (bursting disc) specifically designed to protect transportation vessels like intermodal tank containers, railroad portable containers, tank cars, over-the-road tank trucks and other vessels that transport liquids or gas products, from potentially damaging overpressure conditions.
  8. LOTRX® Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc)

    LOTRX® Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc)

    The LOTRX® Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc) represents a breakthrough in rupture disc (bursting disc) design. The LOTRX® Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc) provides all the benfits of Continental's scored, reverse acting discs, with additional features that make it ideal for extremely low pressure applications. The LOTRX® comes enhanced with features such as the Failure Initiating Indent, which lowers the pressure at which reversal occurs, and the Notched Outlet Ring, that facilitates opening of the rupture disc (bursting disc) along the precision semicircular score at extremely low reversal pressures
  9. MICRO X® Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc)

    MICRO X® Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc)

    The MICRO X® Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc) is a flat seat cross-scored, tension-type rupture disc (bursting disc), and designed to provide a full, non-fragmenting, four petal opening pattern. Because the MICRO X® Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc) is scored on the outlet (vent) side of the rupture disc (bursting disc), a smooth disc surface is provided on the inlet (process side) of the rupture disc (bursting disc). The result is an undisturbed inlet surface resistant to corrosion and the accumulation of process media.
  10. MINTRX® Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc)

    MINTRX® Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc)

    The MINTRX® Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc)* has many of the same benefits as the ULTRX® Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc), but is specifically designed to operate at lower burst pressures. When the patented precision controlled indentation on the rupture disc (bursting disc) surface initiates the reversal action, full opening will occur. The MINTRX® Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc) excels in low pressure gaseous or partial gas/liquid systems. Consult the factory before using the MINTRX® Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc) in full-liquid applications.

    *available for Maintenance Replacement only

Items 1 to 10 of 22 total

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